What's this 'attraction marketing' thing?

  • Draw people in

    Attraction marketing is all the marketing stuff you do to draw people to you! The opposite is to continually push your marketing messages at people - spamming them. Nobody likes a spammer. Don't be a spammer.

  • like a magnet

    With attraction marketing your message is fun and interesting and draws people to you like a magnet! Because they see your personality and enthusiasm shine through and they want to interact with you, buy from you, work with you.

  • without being pushy!

    Attraction marketing is a way to market yourself that isn't pushy or salesy. It's about providing real value and building relationships. Your friends will actually want to follow your business page :)

What's in the Course

6 Modules jam-packed with content.

  • 1
    Introduction to Attraction Marketing
  • 2
    Module 1 - Facebook Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Module 1 Workbook
    • Module 1 Presentation
    • 50 Social Media Post Ideas
    • Tutorial: How to Schedule Facebook Posts
  • 3
    Module 2 - Personal Branding
    • Introduction
    • Module 2 Workbook
    • Module 2 Presentation
    • Tutorial: Introduction to Canva
    • Tutorial: Create Your Moodboard in Canva
    • Tutorial: Find Your Color Palette in Coolers.co
    • Tutorial: Find Your Fonts In Canva
    • Tutorial: Create Your Brandboard in Canva
    • Resources & Links
  • 4
    Module 3 - Avatars
    • Introduction
    • Avatars Workbook
    • Module 3 Presentation
    • Tutorial: How to Get an Avatar in Fiverr
  • 5
    Module 4 - Facebook Business Pages
    • Introduction
    • Module 4 Workbook
    • Module 4 Presentation
    • How to Schedule Facebook Posts
    • 50 Social Media Post Ideas
  • 6
    Module 5 - Facebook Groups
    • Introduction
    • Module 5 Workbook
    • Module 5 Presentation
    • Engagement Tiles
  • 7
    Module 6 - Video and Images for Social Media
    • Introduction
    • Module 6 Workbook
    • Module 6 Presentation
    • Video Idea Generator
    • Resources and Links
    • Tutorial: Upload Video to Facebook
    • Tutorial: Edit Your Facebook Video
    • Tutorial: Create a Tile in Canva

How the course is delivered

All the goods!

Each Module contains a video presentation in which Christine talks you through the topic. Each presentation is filled with examples, explanations of why it works and tips. All Modules come with a Workbook that helps you to make the most of the course, so you can squeeze every last bit of usefulness out of it! Most Modules also come with bonus downloadables to help you get started quickly in your business.

Pricing options

Pay a one time course fee or budget over three months.

You cannot ignore social media. So learn how to rock it!


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