Why every direct sales consultant needs games:

  • Secret weapon

    Games help you to get your recruiting or booking message across in a fun way. And because your guests are having fun, their mental barriers to your recruiting or booking seeds are lower. Games are like a secret weapon that way!

  • Shy or introverted?

    Even if you're shy or hesitant to talk about the career opportunity in your direct sales organization, games are a structured and fun way to get that message out to your guests.

  • Grow Your Games Stash

    This bundle comes with 26 games! That's plenty to help you mix it up and always offer a new party experience, even to repeat guests. Most games are for in-home parties but there's also a Module on Facebook party games.

Bundle Contents

What you get

  • 1
    Introduction and How to Use this Bundle
  • 2
    Host Coaching Games
    • Host Coaching Games Presentation
    • Host Coaching Games Instructions and Printables
  • 3
    Recruiting Games
    • Recruiting Games Presentation
    • Recruiting Games Instructions and Printables
  • 4
    Drawing Games
    • Drawing Games Presentation
    • Drawing Games Instructions and Printables
  • 5
    General Games
    • General Games Presentation
    • General Games Instructions and Printables
    • Pop the Bloon Images
  • 6
    Booking Games
    • Booking Games Presentation
    • Booking Games Instructions and Printables
  • 7
    Facebook Party Games
    • Facebook Party Games Presentation
    • Facebook Party Games Instructions
    • Facebook Party Games Images

The Ultimate Games Bundle

Grab the bundle and you get access to videos that explain how to play and how to make the most of the games. You get 26 game ideas, all the printables you need, and all the images you might need. Buy today and get started straight away.